Matrix specializes in the acquisition of existing commercial property assets that can benefit from enhanced leasing and management, renovation and re-positioning. We then improve the properties through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives. Our efforts result in solid returns for investors and strong economic assets for communities.

Our proven ability has been the result of a successfully executed investment strategy, historically driven by value‐add opportunities. Matrix believes the key is to “buy right” coupled with value maximization achieved through:

  • efficient and expedient capital improvements
  • an aggressive leasing strategy
  • diligent asset management to improve performance

Our acquisition emphasis includes an array of investment quality transactions. The deals we seek are quality, value-add and core-plus assets for office, industrial, retail, senior housing and multi-family, located throughout the Midwest.


Matrix’s goal is to deliver enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long run.

Matrix is absolute-return focused, and is committed to preserving capital as our primary investment discipline.  We aim to create and preserve wealth for our investors at all points during market and capital cycles.


At the heart of our philosophy is an emphasis on building long-term relationships with both our investors and operating partners. As a result we’ve established deep, meaningful relationships with our investors built on 4 core principles:

Integrity. Consistency in our actions, values, methods, principles, expectations and outcomes.

Innovation. Continually improving what we do and how we do it.

Stewardship. Devoting our time, energy and resources to always acting in the best interest of our investors.

Entrepreneurship. Using creativity to find opportunities overlooked by others.